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Owning a swimming pool comes with a certain pleasure. You can enjoy a nice summer swim in the serenity of your own backyard, you can entertain guests, and you don’t have to share in the neighborhood pool, unpleasant from constant use and calamity. There is a downside to swimming pool ownership, however. Cleaning a pool takes time, energy, and a plethora of effort every single week, sometimes every single day. Not to mention the costs alone. Hiring a professional pool cleaning service eliminates this downside, allowing pool owners to simply appreciate their backyard pools. It is necessary for a pool to be thoroughly cleaned, scrubbed, filtered, and treated every single week to ensure clean and safe swimming water. Without undergoing a consistent pool purification, swimmers may be subjected to a range of bacteria, sicknesses, and other side effects inherent of an unclean pool. To thoroughly clean a pool, one must skim the leaves, insects, and debris from the top of the pool, preferably before it sinks to the bottom – a long-handled pool skimmer starts at $30. That doesn’t sound too bad, right? Unfortunately, this is far from the only cost, and by far the cheapest of all necessary components required in a thorough, safe pool cleaning. Pools also must be brushed with a long-handled pool brush, which costs $70. Brushing the sides and bottom of your pool is necessary to remove scum, bacteria, and algae buildups that collect around the surfaces of swimming pools. This procedure takes, on average, about an hour. Next, pools must be vacuumed. Some long-hose, household vacuums have been known to do the job, but they by no means work efficiently. A legitimate pool vacuum is necessary for an intensive pool sanitation, but this will set you back $600 at least. Not only do professional pool cleaning services eliminate the costs of buying all the necessary tools, they will do the job right from the very first time, ensuring that any long-term, high-cost problems with your swimming pool do not occur. And professional cleaning services take care of another pesky, time and money-consuming issue: the water circulation system. The water circulation system makes sure your pool pumps, strains, drains, and filters the pool properly. However, water circulation systems, if not given weekly attention, are known to malfunction. Replacing a broken pool pump costs, at minimum, $500, and replacing a pump strainer will set you back another $150. Replacing an entire water circulation system costs around $1,000. You may not think you need to hire a professional pool cleaning service, and you may think that you, a pool owner, will do the job right every single week. However, professional services leave no room for error, saving you money in both the short and long-term. Besides, backyard swimming pools cost anywhere from $30,000 to $200,000 to begin with. Investing in a credited, professional pool cleaning service will save you money, time, and energy, allowing you to savor every moment of your swimming pool. With a professional pool cleaning service, you won’t sweat the little stuff, and you can proactively prevent the bigger stuff down the road.